Rescue Geography  

Experiments with commuter cycling


Ding!  Bell ringing seems mostly confined to the canal corridor although there's very ringing on the quiet stretch between the Edgbaston Tunnel and the edge of the city centre.  Participants had different views about using the bell on their bikes:

Participant 18
I used to have a bell. And then once, when I managed to come off the bike the bell stopped working and I took it off and now I just say ‘excuse me’. I think it works better really. It doesn’t feel so imperious.

Participant 12
Always worry about the etiquette of actually ringing your bell, because some people take it as you’re being rude and impatient and others really appreciate you warning them that you’re coming up behind them...

Participant 6
You’re supposed to get off your bike along here. It says cyclists dismount, but I’ve always thought if I’m good mannered, cycle slowly, got my bell… probably alright.

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